The Confessional

“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.”

“Last week at Mass I kept the dollar bill that my mom gave me to put in the collection plate, because I wanted to buy a Pepsi and candy bar for lunch on Wednesday. On Wednesdays we always get hamburgers which are my favorite, but Jimmy knows that and so he comes and takes my lunch every Wednesday. I didn’t want Jimmy and his friends to beat me up after school again so I just act like I don’t care anymore. I’m glad they didn’t know that I’m the one that flattened the tires on his Diamondback. But I get hungry, and for a dollar I can buy a Pepsi and Charleston Chew.”

“Umm, let me see…a couple nights ago, I lied to my mom. She came in the room and saw me playing Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo, and it was already past my bedtime. I told her I already did my homework, but I didn’t. She told me to go to sleep, but I couldn’t. So I waited ‘til she went to sleep and played some more Zelda ‘til like 4 in the morning.”

“The next day in Math class I couldn’t figure out a few problems so I looked over at Sarah’s test and copied her answers. I still remember them – it was A, C, C, B, and A. I ended up with 100% on my test but that’s only ‘cuz I cheated. I know I’m not supposed to cheat, but then if I don’t get good grades I will make my family lose face.”

“Uhh… Yesterday I was at the movies and I saw some of the older kids from Franklin High School. They were making fun of me and my little brother. They were lots bigger, my brother wasn’t afraid of ‘em, but I was. When he tried to stick up for us, they just punched him and laughed at us. My brother cried, and so did I, even though I didn’t get punched. I felt ashamed of not helping my brother, and I sure didn’t want my dad to be disappointed in me for not protecting my younger brother again, so when we left the movie theater, I took a big rock and broke their car window. I saw the red IROQ they drove in on. So that’s what they get for making fun of us. The security tried to catch us but me and my brother are hella fast on our skateboards.”

“Earlier this week I was supposed to visit my dad in the hospital but I never stopped by. Umm… I rode by with my skateboard, but I never stepped in. I stayed out until close to dinnertime at Ryan’s house. We just grinded on the curbs the whole time. I really didn’t want to see my dad in the hospital. I mean, I like to spend time with my dad, just not like this. I don’t know what’s going to happen to him. So I also lied to my mom about visiting my dad. She’s gonna find out that I lied, but I would rather her yell at me later anyway. That’s all she does is yell now. So I guess I’ve lied to both my mom and my dad. So that’s another sin.”

“Also, I never finished the Hail Mary’s that you gave me as Penance last week. I had started them when I went home and then my mom yelled at me to help her with the chores around the house. So I guess I owe God some extra Hail Mary’s too. You know, I always pray for my dad, but it doesn’t work. Do you think God is punishing me for being such a bad kid?”

“Father, I think I’m goin’ to Hell.”

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