Prison Writings

  • Busted Busboy

    “How much did you get in tips today?” asked Anthony. He continued to gnaw on his heaping plate of steamed chicken feet from the Dim Sum menu...

  • Homage to My Reservoir Dogs

    Scene: New Year’s Eve, on a blank computer screen. Two players, Mr. Magenta and Mr. Pink, both from the same guild, the Reservoir Dogs, are discuss...

  • The Confessional

    “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.” “Last week at Mass I kept the dollar bill that my mom gave me to put in the collection plate, because I wan...

  • Eye of The Tiger

    The bedroom looks more like a playground. There are toys strewn across the floor. 

  • Flight of the Bumblebees

    The sight of a bee makes me feel terrified and all queasy inside. Even to this day, whenever a bee happens to land on a flower nearby when I am on ...

  • Your Inner Jewel

    Your Inner Jewel – While still in prison, I created a meditation for myself. I read it every morning to set my intention for the day, and it became the parameters in which I began to live out my life.

  • Parole Hearing Closing Statement

    This was the closing statement I read at my parole hearing on June 12, 2015

  • A Penny for Elder Ninh

    My first experience with death happened to me in the second grade. It was not my death, or the death of anyone that I even knew.

  • Old Jimmy

    He flushed the toilet again. “Well, there’s another one off to see the damn Warden. I ate so much last night; I think I can shit enough for all the...

  • My Life Would Have Been Different If…

    First published in Volume 12 of Captured Words/Free Thoughts, University of Colorado Denver, Spring 2015

"The longer we continue to make the wrong decisions, the more our heart hardens; the more often we make the right decision, the more our heart softens."
— Erich Fromm, The Heart of Man
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