Your Inner Jewel

Your Inner Jewel – by Quan Huynh

Practice Mindfulness
Listen Twice as Much as You Speak
Find Today’s Lesson in Today’s Difficulty
Strive for Excellence in All That You Pursue
Everyone Is Also on a Journey – Learn from Them All
You Are Responsible for Every Thought and Word in This Life
Seek Balance and Discipline; There is a Fine Line in Everything You Do
Listen for Your Voices of Ego and Pride and Continue to Remove Them
Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul – Contribute to Them Constantly
Leave Time Daily to Find Your Inner Voice and Trust in It
Effectiveness with People, Efficiency with Everything Else
Do Not Fear Failure, that is the Only Path to Success
Accomplish Transformation Through Your Choices
Remember That Perfection is Not Possible
Speak with Kind, Gentle, Yet Firm Words
Never Compromise with Honesty
Give Thanks for Today
Laugh at Life

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