Addictive Thinking

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Addictive Thinking by Abraham Twerski, M.D.

This was an awesome book. Practically every page 1 read had something insightful for me. Every subject that Mr. Twerski covered on what constitutes an addictive personality seemed to apply to me. It was quite eerie because it seemed the book was written with me in mind.

Mr. Twerski states, "Addictive thinking is a person's inability to make consistently healthy decisions in his or her own behalf." He goes on to say that the three most common elements of addictive thinking are: denial, rationalization, and projection. My thought processes, even as recently as last year, contained all three of those elements. A lot of the ideas presented in this book were very similar to those of John Grudermeyer in Sensible Self-Help, especially regarding "anesthesia use" for our voids in life.

I understand now that an addiction is a compulsive and obsessive act to fulfill an unmet need in my life. Whether that addiction is exhibited in the form of drugs, alcohol, work, gambling, sex, interact, etc. - until we address the core issues of our addictive personality, we will eventually just trade one form of addiction for another.

I realize that I used to have an addictive personality, and relapse is always a possibility. I want to be sure to never return to those same patterns of thought and behavior ever again. To do that, I have behavior to constantly be aware of my thoughts and watch for warning signs in my behavior. From my understanding, it is quite possible to relapse, if I am not cognizant of my attitude and behavior.

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