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This book was written more like a guidebook to self-help therapy. Mr. Grudermeyer first identified terms such as anesthesia, happy-ending fantasies, and explained how our wounds affected us. They then told us about the Seven Stages of Personal Healing: Willingness, Foundation, Feelings, Healing, Rebirth, Clear-Hearted Relationships, and Clear-Hearted Service.

What I really liked were the personal assessment tests, which I took and found out that I am currently in the Foundation Stage of Personal Healing. The book also had a very powerful term, self-responsibility. It means an understanding of, and acceptance of, the fact that your interpretations, not outer circumstances, determine your ability to respond to people and situations, your feelings, your awareness of choices available, and ultimately, your behavior. It is a very positive way of looking at life, because in a sense you take responsibility for and discover

that happiness comes from within. I is also very challenging and difficult work, because I have to reexamine the lens in which I view the world with on a constant basis and “change” it out.

The book was extremely helpful in that it kind of mapped out the journey I will have to go through to live a life of constant personal growth, the stages I will have to conquer, and the pitfalls I may face. I see this will be a long journey that will become a way of life, but I am excited in the things I can discover about myself. I do realize a lot of this will be difficult work, but I look forward to the challenge. Not everything in life will come easy but you must always pursue that which you most want. And I would want to live a life from here on out filled with hope, growth, love, and compassion.

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