Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child

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One of the most powerful books I have ever read. I learned about my wounded "Inner Child," also known as my unresolved issues from childhood and adolescence, and how this wounded inner child still affects me to this day. I learned to delve deep into my memories and I discovered so much about myself.

I learned that this wounded inner child needed to be reclaimed and for me to champion him if I was to continue growing as a responsible, balanced, and healthy adult. Through meditation and self-reflection, I brought my inner child out of the depths of darkness and made him learn to trust me. I did this through writing letters to him and speaking to him through my thoughts. I learned to recognize what made me inner child angry, frustrated, sad, happy, etc. and help him work through his troubles.

I had never realized how deep my wounds were, especially my abandonment and acceptance issues until I had read and put much effort and time into the exercises the author had set forth for us in the book. Another key aspect that I learned was to set aside some time each day to listen to my inner child's needs, and to spend time with him. Through this "quality" time with him I have found solace, comfort, and peace. It really puts everything in perspective. I have learned a crucial tool for my lifelong quest to now become the best person that I can be.

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