Born Again

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Born Again by Charles Colson

This book was about the journey of Special Council to President Nixon, Charles Colson, and his conversion to Christianity. Mr. Colson was one of seven men that were convicted during the Watergate Scandal.

Mr. Colson's story reaffirmed a lot of ideas that I had learned from C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity —that it is our everyday choices that continue to transform that inner part of us — for better or for worse. Mr. Colson felt, "...that a series of little lies can eventually blur one's capacity to see moral distinctions about big things " Today, I truly believe this. It all begins with a small lie, then you will start to lose perspective and your morals become warped and distorted. For me, a lot of my lies were to myself: in the form of blaming others, not taking responsibility, and erecting this false facade of an image that was not true to the real me.

Over the course of my life, because of all the lies I was living, I had become disconnected from my true self. Mr. Colson's words gave me great inspiration on how to find my way back to my true self and restore that inner part of me to what I was originally created for. 

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