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Absolutely awesome book. Brian Tracy talks about our motivations, beliefs, and thoughts, and the effect they have on how we achieve and succeed in the world. Everything was positive and upbeat; his message was very simple and easy to grasp. He believes that we are only limited by our thoughts, what he calls self-limiting beliefs. He shows us how to dispel those notions, set lofty goals, and go after them.

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Out of all the great ideas and approaches Mr. Tracy proposed, my definite favorite was becoming an inverse paranoid. A paranoid is a person who believes that someone or the universe is always conspiring against him. I am surrounded by men like that all day long. They moan and complain how the correctional officers, the system, or the "haters" want them to get taken down or fail. They have become very bitter and negative in their view of the world: In fact, I am also guilty of thinking like that on some days, and I now realize this is a very antisocial way of thinking.

Now an inverse paranoid, on the other hand, is a person who is convinced that the universe is conspiring to make him or her successful. So basically it just reiterates and incorporates a lot of the same themes I have discovered recently and am trying to apply to my life on a daily basis: if we just reframe our thoughts about problems or setbacks we face, then suddenly everything has a positive spin to it. Because of this idea, I now am looking at every problem or difficulty I face in here as Just another opportunity and challenge for personal self-growth. It gives me a sense of renewed curiosity for each day and each person I meet, and what the world has in store for me to learn and to continue evolving. 

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