Dark Side of the Inner Child

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Dark Side of the Inner Child by Stephen Wolinsky

This book examined the dark side of our inner child, what Mr. Wolinsky refers to as our trance states. He felt these trance states dictated how we interacted with the world throughout different situations. The trance states would most likely be comparable to what other schools of thought negative self-talk, cognitive distortions, age-regression, etc — basically our unresolved issues and beliefs, and how they distort what we see and hear from people. 

My favorite part was the chapter on Spiritualization, and more specifically, how the lies we tell ourselves about the world play a crucial role in our perception of it. Mr. Wolinsky states, "Each of us is responsible for the lies he/she erects and tells to herself. A true spiritual warrior needs to look at, acknowledge and dismantle these lies. This takes great courage." This is absolutely true. am starting to come to the realization that we are responsible for every thought, choice, and actioi we do in this life. There is no sense of blame on anyone or anything We have to hold ourselves ultimately accountable for all things within our realm of power. The more I understand this concept, the more liberated I actually feel. I am sure with much application and time, these concepts will become second nature to me.

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