Eight Habits of the Heart

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I only started this book because it was slim and I did not have a book.to read at the time. What a pleasant surprise it was. It not only occupied my evening but made me reminisce on better times.

Mr. Taulbert believes in a sense of community. As in family, friends, and neighbors all striving for a common goal of enlightening each other. To do that, he outlines eight habits that we should practice with each other: Nurturing Attitude, Responsibility, Dependability, Friendship, Brotherhood, High Expectations, Courage, and Hope. All these habits contribute to a healthy community.

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The book struck a chord with me because growing up in Utah, there was a small Vietnamese community that practiced many of these values. It was bittersweet because although there were not that many families, whenever we got together it seemed they were my extended family. Whereas when I moved to California the Vietnamese population was very large but there was no sense of community like how Mr. Taulbert described. The book reminded me of slower, simpler times, before everything became hectic and I lost my sense of belonging.

The memories the book brought back to me has now given me inspiration for how I wasn to effect my surrounding community, wherever I am at. My community right now is with the fellow convict here at Solano State Prison. I will strive to start applying these Eight Habits to them in here, and incorporate it into a way of living for myself. 

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