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Good Question, Good Answer by Bhikku Shravasti Dhammika

This book answered many questions about Buddhism and what it meant to Mr. Dhammikka. He included many often asked questions, and addressed them in a very simplified way.

Surprisingly, reading this book actually complemented my Catholic faith. A lot of the precepts are very similar to the path of Christianity. In trying to further develop and refine my spirituality, I found a lot of the book could be applied for my own benefit.

For example, a Buddhist believes in their First Noble Truth that all life is suffering. I believe as a Catholic Christian that it is in the embracement of suffering that my life can find meaning, purpose, and even fulfillment. View my setbacks and difficulties as opportunities for growth.

My favorite chapter was the one on Meditation. In it, Mr. Dhammika stressed the importance of daily meditation. He spoke on what Buddhists call Mindfulness of Breathing. In a nutshell, Mindfulness of Breathing is gently pushing all thoughts away and just concentrating on the breath going in and. out of my nose. It helps me to realize that I am alive and living in this moment. I have incorporated this little practice to help center myself before I pray my rosary daily, and I found that it helped tremendously. I gain that sense of "stillness" much quicker, and my mind does not feel as jumbled with intruding thoughts throughout the day.

The book has inspired me to continue searching for wisdom in different spiritual walks, and in the process, solidify my own.

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