Guitar Mastery Simplified

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Guitar Mastery Simplified by Erich Andreas

A little over six months ago, I began learning how to play the guitar. This book clarified to me concepts about music theory, notes, chords, strumming patterns, etc.

But why write a book report about guitar and music theory? It was because of the chapter, Talent Versus Practice, that was in the book. Mr. Andreas felt that the word talent is used as an excuse for those that do not want to put in the tedious amount of practice time to become a good guitar player. He stated continued daily practice and perseverance is much more important, and suddenly after enough dedicated practice, you develop what people would call talent.

I would like to apply that same principle to my lifelong journey of spirituality and self-understanding. It is the small, everyday things I practice that will hone and polish my talent. For example, if I lie every day, I would eventually become a very talented liar. If I practiced kindness and acceptance of others in my daily walk, I believe it is possible to one day develop and exude compassion without even trying.

Just like the guitar though, there will be times I become frustrated and impatient because I do not see any progress from my practice time. That is where my perseverance and discipline would have to keep me going, and eventually it all becomes just a part of my lifestyle.

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