Mother Theresa's Lessons of Love & Secrets of Sanctity

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Mother Theresa's Lessons of Love & Secrets of Sanctity

This was the first-hand account of Ms. Conroy’s experience with Mother Theresa over the summer of 1986. In it, she shared the lifelong lessons she learned from serving the poor and the homeless in Calcutta, India. Ms. Conroy stated that the Missionaries of Charity believed each of these sick, broken, and dying human beings were the distressing disguises of our Lord, Jesus Christ in his suffering.

My favorite lesson was when Mother Theresa told Ms. Conroy, "Doing great works without love is nothing, while doing small things of everyday life with great love is what life is all about." That thought is a constant reminder to myself to slow down and enjoy the moment with whomever I come across. For years of my life, it was about accomplishment, reputation, and recognition. There was no substance to my character or love in my heart. Today, I relish the brief moments that I can totally view the human being in my path with love, patience, and understanding. For me, it is a much more soft and beautiful way to trek through this world.

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