Proof of Heaven

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Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D.

What a fascinating book. Dr. Alexander described in this book his Near Death Experience (NDE) when he developed a rare form of meningitis of the brain. Dr. Alexander, a neurosurgeon, was a self described skeptic of previous patients that had claimed to see heaven and God. He believed that these claims were merely the brain's subconscious, in other words, figments of our imagination. But when he went into a coma, the experience that he had could only be described as a glimpse of the spiritual world.

I found myself extremely interested in what Dr. Alexander experienced and felt when he was in heaven. The sights, sounds, emotions, and warmth he described was truly mesmerizing for me to read. Dr. Alexander came back with the message that what God wants from each and every one of us is true and pure love of one another.

And I realize I am given that opportunity every day. Which ties into Mother Theresa's thoughts: small things done with great love. Not great big accomplishments. So much more important is how I can either diminish or enhance other people's lives by the way I speak, listen, or even acknowledge them. If I boil it all down and distill it, from my faith, belief, and understanding, every single person on this earth is on a spiritual journey. So the challenge for myself is to recognize every person as such when I encounter them. How wonderful it would be to see everyone in that light.

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