Something Beautiful for God

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Something Beautiful for God by Malcolm Muggeridge

This was the story of Malcolm Muggeridge, a reporter who was skeptical about the efficacy of Mother Theresa and her Missionaries of Charity work. In his process of interviewing her and experiencing the work they were doing in Calcutta, he converted to Christianity.

My favorite part in the book would have to be his personal interview with Mother Theresa. He asked the question that I have heard many people ask, and which has always seemed most logical to me. 'What good does it do to just bring in someone off the streets that is going to die anyway?" Because in reality, it would seem like a waste of money, time, and human resources that could be used to make a difference for someone that might actually live. Mother Theresa simply quoted scripture about heaven rejoicing more over one repentant sinner than ninety-nine righteous people. When I read her answer, it made all the sense in the world to me for why I find AVP and Victims' Awareness so fulfilling.

If in the process of going through one of these programs and the participant starts down the path of repentance and changes his ways, I now can also imagine heaven rejoicing on a spiritual level. On a tangible level, if this participant begins the process of positive change and does not create any more countless victims through just one violent crime, I can also view that I have been able to contribute in a small way to spreading peace and love in this world.

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