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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

This was a very inspiring biography for me. Mr. Isaacson wrote the book quite candidly from numerous interviews he did with people that knew and or working with Steve Jobs. Mr. Isaacson painted a picture of a man who had some serious issues with control and perfection in both his personal and professional life. But from the context of the legacy this brilliant business executive has left behind, I stand utterly in awe of him. 

My favorite quality in Steve Jobs was his intensity, even in the face of failure. He had some devastating failures early on in his career, from being ousted at Apple the first time around, to his NEXT computer venture. Just reading about his failures made me cringe; and it made me think about how I had never been resilient when it came back to my own setbacks. Instead, Mr. Jobs used those failures to build upon, and he went on not only to become a technology icon, but he helped to create some products that have transformed both the technology industry and the fabric of our lives, such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Pixar Animations and apple itself. 

It really drives home to me the belief that in facing my failures, setbacks and difficulties, I can find refinement, purpose, and guidance for everyday living. I simply have to embrace it. 

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