The Elephant Whisperer

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The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony

This was the personal story of conservationist Lawrence Anthony and his experience with an elephant herd that he brought to his reserve in Zululand. The elephants were considered very hostile toward humans, and the book captured how very patient Mr. Anthony was in trying to communicate with them.

Reading the book gave me a new appreciation for these noble creatures. It also opened my eyes to how selfish we as humans are when it comes to sharing this world with other creatures. The greatest lesson I learned though, was how Mr. Anthony continued to try and communicate to the elephants, even though it seemed they did not understand. Most important of all was his belief that no matter how difficult it was, he was still able to communicate through his tone, intent of his heart, and what he viewed communication truly was.

His gentle persistence gave me inspiration for how to apply communication with just the humans I interact with, even if it seems like they do not understand me. I would like to challenge myself to view the difficulty in communication not as the other person's inability to understand, but more so my own failure to make myself clear with my tone of voice, and the intentions of my own heart.

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