The Jesuits

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The Jesuits by Martin Malachi

This book detailed how the present-day Society of Jesus, created by St. Ignatius of Loyola, has fallen very far from being the crown jewel of religious orders in the Catholic Church. Mr. Malachi gave some great perspective on the Society's history, what it's original purpose was, and how he feels it has been corrupted.

My favorite part were the chapters detailing the Society's beginnings. These brilliant men were awesome. Their motto: "For the Greater Glory of God" says it all. They prided themselves on being "...always the first to obey," so they took it to another level to make sure to be at the top of their fields of study or occupations.

A concept of the Jesuits that I would like to incorporate within myself is the "Contemplative in Action." This concept has to do with the Jesuits' belief that it is okay to be on a spiritual path and meditate every day, and if that is all one wanted to do, he could join one of the other religious orders.

To be a Jesuit, one has to put their faith into action. It makes me realize it is great to be on the beginning of my spiritual path, but what am I doing to share my light with others on a daily basis? What can I do, for the next five years here in prison, for the greater glory of God? The answer: A lot. So instead, I should look for opportunities to put God's words into action, every single day, for both myself and for others.

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