The Third Eye

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The Third Eye by T. Lobsang Rampa

This was the personal story of an upper class Tibetan who at the age of seven was sent to a famous monastery. Mr. Rampa then went on to become a Tibetan Lama, and according to him, was the reincarnation of a previous Lama who had lived decades before. He shared a fascinating tale of clairvoyance, astral traveling, and many other mystical and supernatural experiences that I found difficult to believe, if the accounts were all true. In a sense though, it reminded me of the many tales of paranormal encounters in my own culture.

What I found I could relate to was his chapter on meditation and how to clear our minds, Trappa. Mr. Rampa shared a personal exercise he did during his meditation times that I felt could enhance my own periods when I pray in the morning. He spoke on imagining a dark, black square that all my thoughts would disintegrate in, and whenever I would meditate I should gently push my thoughts into that darkness. It is a great exercise for me, especially early in the morning where my mind is already running at 1,000 miles an hour. So lately, when I find my thoughts start to spin on what I have to accomplish or do that day, and my mind naturally wants to start organizing it all, instead I gently push those thoughts onto that black square and let them melt away. It helps to just slow everything do for me, and I find I have a greater sense of clarity and mindfulness to start out the day. It helps me in my thoughts, my interactions with others, and just how I view the world.

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