The Unfettered Mind

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The Unfettered Mind by Taiwan Soho

This book was a small collection of writings from the Zen Master Takuan Soho, the Buddhist that counseled and mentored the most famous ronin swordsman of his time, Miyamoto Musashi. 

Master Soho spoke about having what he termed right-mindedness. It sounded contradictory, but right-mindedness meant having no thoughts at all. Master Soho felt that thoughts intrude on the unfettered mind, and the attainment of true wisdom and enlightenment came from the ability to just act without thinking.

For me personally, I believe Master Soho is speaking about the development of our intuition and soul. I notice that in my own life's experiences, when my mind is cluttered and jumbled with many thoughts, my decision making process is erratic and rushed. But when I have found that inner sanctum of peace and contentment, and there are no thoughts intruding or racing through my head, I feel that all my actions just flow. There seems to be what I can only describe as a gentle glow of clarity to the world and everyone I come across in those moments.

Although quite rare, I notice I am blessed with these brief moments of respite after I meditate and pray the rosary, pour out all my thoughts and feelings into a particularly deep journal entry, or am absolutely engrossed in playing my guitar. I hope to discover more ways in which I can continue to develop that inner part of my mind and soul that can see the goodness of every human being I come across.

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