Three Weeks With My Brother

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This was a memoir written by Nicholas Sparks, the author to the great novel and movie, The Notebook. It tells about a 3-week vacation that he and his brother Micah took to travel around the world. He reflects on their childhood up to their present adult lives. The story was at times very funny, reminding me of my own childhood, and the similarities that I also had a brother and a sister It also hit very close to home for me when one of his family members died, just as my father did. He spoke about an irrevocable loss, and I cried during those parts of it. One, for my own sense of loss, but two, the sense of how I am responsible for somebody else's sense of loss. It was not a good feeling.

Another part of the book that I could really identify with was Nicholas Sparks' sense of overwhelming stress and urgency in everything he did. That was exactly how I am in many respects, and it is not until recently that I have realized that I need to enjoy my present moments, more like how Micah Sparks lives his life. It reminded me to cherish my family and loved ones and to live each day to its fullest, no matter the circumstances. I also see a lot of stress and fatigue in my own younger brother, Tommy, who is a successful real estate broker out there. We get so caught up trying to attain the good life that sometimes we just forget to live. So I suggested to him that he also read this book — although it might take some convincing. When I had broached the subject with him, it pained me to hear his reply, "Bro, I'm too busy to read a book right now, maybe in a few months." It reminded me to always make time to do the things you enjoy, and if you find that you are overwhelmed and unable to do it, perhaps that is a sign that you have now forgotten how to live. Since reading is one of my passions, I will always make time from here on out to constantly read, grow, and live.

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