What Should I Do With My Life?

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What Should I Do With My Life? by Po Bronson

This book was quite interesting. Mr. Bronson had compiled the stories of fifty-five people that he had interviewed across the United States. Each of these individuals had struggled to find their true calling in life, and Mr. Bronson detailed their thoughts on their individual careers, life goals, hopes, and dreams. The people that he spoke with came from all walks of life, and many changed professions numerous tunes before they found what they felt "fit" them at the moment

My favorite story by far was the one on Tim Bratcher. I was able to identify with many of his character flaws, because they were also my own. I found it inspirational on how he addressed them so that they would not plague him for the rest of his life, because in many ways I am trying to do the same for myself.

Like Tim, I will never be able to totally realize my own talents until I fully turn off my need to prove my worth by other people's standards and yardsticks. Mr. Bronson spoke about recognizing who sits at the table of our "inner-circle." These are the people that we are trying to impress by our actions and decisions. I am at the point now though that I think we should not have anyone sitting at that table but ourselves. I believe that would be the only way to find true meaning and fulfillment for myself, the removal of all the inner critics, so that I can follow my heart.

At the conclusion of Tim's story, he had not yet found his own salvation yet, but he was at a better place to sort out the next steps. That is how I want to find out what I should do with my life: continuing to take the next steps.

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