Wishes Fulfilled

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Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer

In this book, Dr. Dyer shared his thoughts on how each and everyone of us can achieve anything that we truly put our minds to. He spoke of much of his own personal experience, and also gave commentary on the mindset of many spiritual and intellectual giants of history. They all seemed to share a common thread: accomplishing whatever it was they were aspiring to through sheer will and belief in themselves, no matter the odds.

Dr. Dyer also believed that each person can become God through the use of "I AM" statements, which felt a little odd and unnatural to me, so to speak.

What I liked though, was his suggestion for the mental exercise of feeling in the present moment. For example, if I wanted to become a successful writer, Dr. Dyer suggest that in my meditation and even idle moments, feel in my heart, mind and soul what it would feel like to already have that dream accomplished. Act as if that wish was already fulfilled, and my action of that day would follow suit.

This makes sense, if I really think about it. If I wanted to be a great guitar player for example, and truly felt it in my soul that I will be a great guitar player, I would eventually play the guitar more often, with the mindset that I will be great. The increased practice time and ability to persevere and believe in myself no matter the difficulty will contribute to me becoming a great guitar player. (Because I already believe it is going to happen in the end.) 

What the guitar analogy also makes me realize, though, is that becoming a great guitar player will come with its own sacrifices. A good lesson for me learned from Dr. Dyer: I can accomplish what I want or pursue, but there will be an extreme amount of work I have to put in to get there. 

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