Word Without End

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This book was the sequel to Mr. Follett's original best seller, The Pillars of the Earth. It takes place a couple hundred years later in the mid 1300s. The story still revolved around the Kingsbridge Cathedral in England, and the descendants of the original architect of that cathedral. The main characters are Merthin, who is also a talented architect, like his great-grandfather (several times removed) Tom Builder, and his love interest, Caris, an intelligent and aspiring woman who was able to dream big dreams. Both the characters were crucial in the development and direction that the city took during times of war, plague, and normal, everyday politics for that time era.

World Without End came to me at the perfect time. I needed to relax and take a step back from all the groups and self-help books I was reading so I could recharge. I needed to reward myself in a way. That is exactly what the book did for me. It affirmed to me that I still have to continuously stay in touch with myself as to be aware when I need a break. Mr. Follett's story provided the perfect respite. It was inspiring, how two people both pursued their respective dreams and were able to achieve it, although they had to face a lot of difficulty along the way. Although fictional, I feel the characters attest to the great deeds that can be achieved through perseverance and faith in yourself. We all should strive for the same in our lives.

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