Kingdoms in Conflict

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Kingdoms in Conflict by Charles Colson

Charles Colson, the former presidential counsel to President Nixon, wrote this book. Mr. Colson

spoke about the two Kingdoms, the Kingdom of Man, and the Kingdom of God, and the conflicts we as Christians face in living as citizens of both Kingdoms. Mr. Colson explained his view on politics and religion, and the reasons for the separation of church and state.

I enjoyed this book. It gave me a deeper perspective on why the Founding Fathers insisted on a separation of church and state, and how the principles that Jesus preached could still be applied in politics.

My favorite part was the chapter entitled, "Little Platoons." Mr. Colson detailed how it was the small, every day things we do in our communities to help one another that make the greatest difference. The little Platoons are just the small groups of volunteers that work to spread love, understanding, and compassion to their neighbors; in essence following Jesus' commission to the disciples. It made me realize I am already in a Little Platoon right now in here — as a member of The Legion of Mary — and that I can make a difference. The chapter inspired me to understand the Bible more — so that I could try to "...shed light for those who still dwell in darkness and death." My neighbors and community are the men around me, and if I can somehow get someone to see past the darkness of their mind, like how I have slowly been able to in my own mind, then I am working towards fulfilling my lifelong mission as one of Mr. Colson's Little Platoons of God.

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